"Horses make a landscape look beautiful."- Alice Walker

I've often thought that any environment is made more beautiful when an animal is introduced, and our lives are richer by what we learn from our animal companions. Photographing animals is an opportunity to capture their unique qualities - whether they're working or resting; posing or playing. For as many years as I've been working with animals-- whether it's young puppies or foals, retired sport horses or beloved elder cats-- I still find meeting them and taking their pictures a joy.

The work on this website is born out of my formal training in painting, art history, and photography. It's influenced by the many great teachers and artists whose work I admire. It is shaped by the horses and horsemen I have know, rode, and worked with over the years who have sharpened my knowledge and reflexes for capturing that perfect expression. I also have had the benefit of learning about breeding and training horses and dogs from many breeders, owners, veterinarians and champions in their respective sport. My photography has been exhibited in galleries, on tour, in private collections as well as in print, on television, and on the Internet.

The people who have commissioned me to work with their animals have given me the opportunity to momentarily join them and share in their passion for what they do; whether it is competing on the track or in the show ring, hunting in the field or cross country, or simply loving another sentient being who happens to have four legs.

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy!

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